When to Go to Istanbul

It says that Istanbul is “hot” and not because of the weather. As an up and coming city location, Istanbul ‘when to go tips’ will surely allure holiday seekers deep inside its magnetic charms. With its happening restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs, along with the ottoman mosque trail to explore at will, Istanbul when to go is really a matter of convenience, as more and more visitors pick Istanbul as a first choice city destination.

The cities overtly historic buildings are enough for art’s and photograph enthusiasts to be immersed in Istanbul’s tradition, slowing down to Eastern Time, and so, after deciding the destination for its daily sentimental value and night scene that springs to life, choosing when to go is not difficult.

istanbul mosques view

When to go “the best times” in Istanbul are during the spring and autumn months, so from April to May and September to October, choosing when to go is ideal; as the climate for these times is perfect. As Istanbul is a warm spot, it is reported that during July and August, the temperature can be stifling hot, where, it seems even the locals themselves leave for the west and south coast’s to avoid the temperatures. If you are considering when to go early in the year, it might be advisable to check availability or alternatively try for an autumn break.

Deciding when to go also, visitors should be aware of the holy month of Ramadan (September) where it is likely business will slow down if not stop altogether. Yet, “when to go” tips suggests that tourists are still catered for and even encouraged to join in the spiritual sensations Istanbul has on offer during this time.

As a picturesque and cultural city, Istanbul is worth a visit, deciding when to go is exclusively up to you.