Most Overrated Attractions in Venice

Venice is certainly a beautiful place. It has great architecture, great sceneries, various things to see… but nothing much to do that is at least worth the price and the stress. Indeed, Venice is pretty lovely, in a crumbling, wet and romantic way. However, it became more of a stereotypical tourist trap rather than an enchanting city. Venice is now a place where nothing new happens, and attractions basically remain the same.


Basically, it is slow boat riding on the water. This can be done anywhere, and you do not have to pay 100 dollars to be piloted for half an hour by a creepy, young, hat-wearing and opera-belting Italian. Most tourists are disappointed by these outrageous prices, but for some unknown reason, they’re still doing it.

Burano island canal

Piazza San-Marco

While Piazza San Marko may be a well-renown historical landmark, it’s definitely way too overcrowded for all it’s worth. You’d be lucky if you managed to see anything or move through the “Chaos Central,” which is full of street vendors and random people trying to sell you “souvenirs” at outrageously high prices. The place may be nice to see… but not enough to spend half your pocket money on a keychain with the Basilica de San Marco.

Ponte Di Rialto

While the bridge in itself may be nice to see, you can’t imagine the price you’ll be asked for if you want to ride a gondola and view it. Plus, it’s so crowded that a lot of people describe it as “the bridge of Hell” or “trying to walk through the apocalypse.” Once more, this is another one of those landmarks that have been ruined by tourists – it’s impossible to see past them. Plus, if you get hungry or thirsty, you will have to pay some great prices to fill your stomach.

Bridge Rialto

Restaurants in the Center Square

Restaurants there may look neat and pretty on the outside, packed with English menus meant to attract customers. But if you go to one of those restaurants planning to eat some pasta or drink some cappuccino, you might want to consider setting fire to your wallet instead. The food is nothing special other than what you’d find in a cheaper restaurant on the outskirts, and you’ll have to pay way too much for a meal that won’t even satiate you.

Souvenir Shops

The first places that people go to when visiting Venice are not necessarily the gondolas; it’s the souvenir shops. All those nicely crafted souvenirs, they would be nice – if they didn’t cost a small fortune. Street sellers know that tourists want to buy them – which is why they keep raising the price. And tourists keep buying them even more. If you want a souvenir, you’re better off with just taking a picture of the place.

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I’m not saying that these things should not be sought. However, if you have the opportunity, try looking for other, less known options. You won’t have to go through the stress caused by crowds, and you’ll manage the one thing you intended to do with this holiday: relax.