Istanbul travel tips

Though Istanbul travel tips explain Istanbul as an exciting and developing destination, popular for world vacationers and backpackers, it is worth keeping in mind several factors when deciding to go.

Firstly, from a cities usual commentary on petty crime, Istanbul’s no different and travel tips tell you to take heed of pickpockets and the safe keeping your possessions.

In the Istanbul travel tips and guides, it is reported that it is not a particular safe destination for women who travel alone, and that the best advice, seemingly natural, is to to always go as a group. There is lots of commentary on this subject online.

mosques and minarets in Istanbul

When taking in the bazaars, as far as Istanbul travel tip go, be wary of people around you, as with any city there are characters looking to make an easy buck, so the advice is to be vigilant.

Istanbul travel tips recommend you don’t visit any bars that do not display a price list outside their premises ,there have been reports of price altering going on inside, and management are known to get aggressive with customer who refuse to pay $50.00 a beer. Also, hotel rooms skyrocket in price and are often overbooked during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May.

In the Istanbul travel tips there’s a word of caution during the five day Kurban Bayrami, banks shut and ATM’s run out of money, so be mindful of this. Also during Ramadan, business hours can be erratic and it is advisable to check with your hotel providers so you are not left without essential provisions.

On a more positive note when taking trips around the Bosphorus regions there is a wonderful book titled “From the Bosphorus” by Richard Hinkle and Rhonda Vander Sluis, it is an insightful helpful guide that looks at waterfront history.