Istanbul Sights

As one of Eastern Europe’s major ottoman empires, with fascinating and diverse topography and history, Istanbul sights pack far and wide, indeed, spanning the entire range of Turkey, the area is a sightseer’s paradise. However, as only one Turkish city, Istanbul sights are literally brimming with interest for both individual cultural voyagers as well as group tours.

It’s perhaps little wonder, given the mysterious and often passionate breeze that blows over the intrigue of Turkish civilization that “The Topkapi Palace” is a first favourite for Istanbul sights. As residence to the Ottoman sultans from 1465 to 1853; it makes the suspense behind its walls potent and almost impossible to ignore. Belonging to a series of monuments known as the “historic area of Istanbul” “The Topkapi Palace” for its harem alone, is a magnificent Istanbul sights stop.

istanbul mosques

Certainly, with Turkish delights around every corner, Istanbul sights are destined to sustain interest and keep you roaming, from palaces and mosques to galleries and museums. The historic architecture of Istanbul sights alone; ancient and robust, is sure to impress even the most casual of visitors.

Besides the wonderful tapestry of architecture, within its greater walls, Istanbul sights include the marketplace with its “Grand Bazaar” as the ‘ultimate medieval shopping center.’ With over 4000 shops are on display, it is a fun place to just browse or perhaps test your skills at haggling for local goods to take home.

Istanbul sights also include the Egyptian spice market for food, spices, coffee and snacks, as well as one or two unique Istanbul souvenirs.

With itineraries and tours on the ground, Istanbul sights can be enjoyed as daily excursions or indeed longer day trips across Turkey, with cruises and islands also in range. So, for the well planned to the dreamy traveler, Istanbul sights will satisfy.