The Divriği Ulu Mosque with its adjoining hospital were constructed by monarch Ahmet Şah, son of Süleyman Şah in 1228.

There are three gates to the mosque from northern, eastern and western directions which are adorned with beautiful stone masonry creations.

The mosque has a single prayer room and is crowned by two cupolas. The highly sophisticated technique of vault construction, and a creative, exuberant type of decorative sculpture – particularly on the three doorways, in contrast to the unadorned walls of the interior – are the unique features of this masterpiece of Islamic architecture.

The Darüşşifa building of the structure was constructed by the daughter of Behram Şah, Melike Turan Melek in 1228.

This unique monument sits on an area of 768 m2. As the structure was transformed into a theological school in 18th century, the structure is also called as the Şifaiye Theological school.