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Most Overrated Attractions in Venice

Venice is certainly a beautiful place. It has great architecture, great sceneries, various things to see… but nothing much to do that is at least worth the price and the stress. Indeed, Venice is pretty lovely, in a crumbling, wet and romantic way. However, it became more of a stereotypical tourist trap rather than an

Istanbul Sights

As one of Eastern Europe’s major ottoman empires, with fascinating and diverse topography and history, Istanbul sights pack far and wide, indeed, spanning the entire range of Turkey, the area is a sightseer’s paradise. However, as only one Turkish city, Istanbul sights are literally brimming with interest for both individual cultural voyagers as well as

Ankara, Turkey

Ankara is one of the most rewarding destinations that the nation of Turkey is blessed with. Although the city is the capital of the country, Ankara has been a bit overshadowed by Istanbul. Most travelers do not appreciate Ankara as much as they do Istanbul. This is their loss entirely, as the city has enough

Altinkum Travel Guide

Altinkum is a destination that is incredibly popular with British Package tourists. That is not really a disadvantage actually, since the city is very much unlike destinations such as Kusadasi or Bodrum, which has a lot of crowds and noise, Altinkum has a great feel of peace and quiet.