Ankara, Turkey

Ankara is one of the most rewarding destinations that the nation of Turkey is blessed with. Although the city is the capital of the country, Ankara has been a bit overshadowed by Istanbul. Most travelers do not appreciate Ankara as much as they do Istanbul. This is their loss entirely, as the city has enough sights and historical significance to keep even the most hardened critic happy. There are a great number of attractions related to history and culture. There are a number of top class locations.

Ankara city was occupied and ruled by a number of civilizations in the past. The city region was occupied by the Hittites, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Greeks, Byzantines and other cultures. The history and culture here is so much more enriched as a result. There are a huge number of excellent sights worth enjoying.

The city was known as Angora for some time in the past, for a number of centuries. The city was famous for being the place of origin for angora rabbits, wool, cats and goats.