Boğazköy, (Hattusas) located at Çorum city, inside the borders of Boğazkale county, is 208 km. from Ankara, and 82 km. away from Çorum. Hattuşaş, the capital city of Hittite civilization the first to build an organized State in Anatolia, has an important place in Anatolian archeology too.

Today Boğazköy is registered as Historical National Park ,and the main places to be seen are remained from the late period of Great Hittite Empire. On your way upon following the route of the park you will see; Big temple at Aşağı Sevir (temple numbered 1), city ramparts and monumental gates on it (Arslanlı Gate (gate with lions), Poterni and Yer Gates, Kral Gate (king gate)).

Temples that their numbers reach to 31 at Yukarı Sevir are composed of Nisan Hill, Kingdom Palace, other buildings and Great Castle.

Most important buildings of Frig Period are Bastionu and Güney Castles. Moreover at the local museum of Boğazköy important findings of ruins are exhibited.