Altinkum Travel Guide

Altinkum is a destination that is incredibly popular with British Package tourists. That is not really a disadvantage actually, since the city is very much unlike destinations such as Kusadasi or Bodrum, which has a lot of crowds and noise, Altinkum has a great feel of peace and quiet.

Altinkum is located on the south coast of Turkey along the Aegean sea. The city is an exceedingly popular holiday destination that simply abounds in attractions. The charm and beauty of the location is rivaled only by the amazing peace and quiet in the region. The primary attraction of the town is the long sandy beaches in the town.


There are three beaches in Altinkum, and all of these are exceedingly beautiful, with crystal clear waters and snow white sands. These beaches have a character about them. The beaches span from the low harbor, and then go gently up the slope.

The name Altinkum literally means golden sands. There are quite a few options for accommodation here. These are top class and offer the best in terms of amenities and facilities. There are many restaurants that are British influenced, serve British fare and have English names.

Aktinkum is also home to two ancient locations. The Temple of Appolo at Didyama is one of the most famous, as is the vast Roman impairs at Ephesus.