Welcome to Istanbul Turkey Travel Guide

Welcome to Istanbul Turkey Travel Guide – Your travel guide to Istanbul and Turkey

This site offers travel information about Turkey; discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of Turkey and its cultural capital, Istanbul. This guide provides useful source for you to identify the most interesting natural, historical and cultural sites in Turkey. Explore the most beautiful locations, historic cities, world heritage sites, national parks, seaside resorts, mosques, castles and the hidden treasures of Turkey.

Discover the diversity of Turkey, and much, much more.

Istanbul Turkey Travel Guide.info – Your travel guide to Turkey. (more…)

Why to travel to Istanbul?

Often described as “the crossroads of Europe and Asia” Istanbul is lined as the trade route famous for its moving bazaars and imperial history, stretching back almost 1,500 years. Istanbul overview has it as a metropolis occupying fifteen million on both sides of the east west land bridge, divided singularly by twenty miles of the Bosphorus Strait.

Istanbul overview is a vast historic land for seafaring and indigenous trade, as the routes of the Black sea and Sea of Marmara; Mediterranean, meant for the quality of its routes, it was essentially guarded as a world trade hot spot since the byzantine era, protected by water on all three sides. (more…)

When to Go to Istanbul

It says that Istanbul is “hot” and not because of the weather. As an up and coming city location, Istanbul ‘when to go tips’ will surely allure holiday seekers deep inside its magnetic charms. With its happening restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs, along with the ottoman mosque trail to explore at will, Istanbul when to go is really a matter of convenience, as more and more visitors pick Istanbul as a first choice city destination. (more…)

Top attractions in Turkey

Turkey has been a favourite travel destination for families for some time now, with a wealth of culture, archaeological and natural sites to explore, there is always something to keep every member of the family entertained. With huge amounts of varying landscapes, making the most of your visit can be hard. In this article we will highlight 5 of the top attractions of this beautiful country. (more…)

Honeymooning in the Caribbean – Relationships – Marriage

Australia is an unique country having a combination of diversity in culture, population, climate, geography and history. It is determined by multicultural and multiracial concept that is showed in countrys lifestyle, food and culture. The population of the city is lively, stimulated, innovative and outbound looking. In context to land area, oahu is the sixth largest nation but relatively its human population is small. Australia travel guide enables you to aware about each of the attractions and facts of Australia that you simply should visit and know with your trip. This place is perfect along with the most suitable choice of vacation for all regardless if you are along with your friends, loved ones or spouse. (more…)

Getting the perfect Prices in Low cost Disney World Destination Break

It’s that period of the season again in the event the cold temperatures and snow fill the Mountains of Pennsylvania. Time to get out and relish the crisp weather, nevertheless the big question for you is where is the absolute right place to travel? There are many points to consider in choosing a place to savor the winter months in your neighborhood with a lot of wonderful resorts offering their own private ski slopes. (more…)

Finding Affordable Accommodation Choices On Koh Samui

The destination that you choose this year for your family vacation, or one that you simply want to take on your own, ought to be somewhere unique, a place that is highly recommended that is preferably in a warm tropical climate. A great destination that fits this criteria is a place called Koh Samui. Anyone that has been to Thailand before, specifically Phuket, can appreciate how remote and get connected this type of island destination can be. Unlike Hawaii, which still reminds you of the states, a place like Koh Samui is literally another world. Of course, there are modern amenities, and many things to do that are typically at tropical locations. You are able to visit the beaches, get a tan, go snorkeling, and have fun doing the normal things that typically occur on an island, but this island is so much more. Here is an overview of what you can expect when you finally arrive at Koh Samui, and also how you can find affordable accommodation choices that you will definitely enjoy.

Best Deals On Accommodations In Koh Samui

When you start to do your search for places to stay, you will find that there is a wide range of prices available. You can stay at a each resort and spa for as little as $50 a night when they are on sale, or you can stay at one of the Koh Samui villas for over $1000 a night. (more…)

Istanbul Entertainment

Istanbul entertainment speaks highly of its nightlife, where choice is said to be incredible and several centers exist throughout the city. In Ortakoy at the Bosphorus, the influence is European and the vibrancy of student life helps keep the momentum of night-time Istanbul entertainment firmly on the map. The area running from Taksim to Tünel, known, not alone for its shopping, but also its restaurants, bars and busy nightclubs, runs all the way to Kadikoy which is actually on the Asian side. (more…)

Ankara, Turkey

Ankara is one of the most rewarding destinations that the nation of Turkey is blessed with. Although the city is the capital of the country, Ankara has been a bit overshadowed by Istanbul. Most travelers do not appreciate Ankara as much as they do Istanbul. This is their loss entirely, as the city has enough sights and historical significance to keep even the most hardened critic happy. There are a great number of attractions related to history and culture. There are a number of top class locations. (more…)