Welcome to Istanbul Turkey Travel Guide

Welcome to Istanbul Turkey Travel Guide – Your travel guide to Istanbul and Turkey

This site offers travel information about Turkey; discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of Turkey and its cultural capital, Istanbul. This guide provides useful source for you to identify the most interesting natural, historical and cultural sites in Turkey. Explore the most beautiful locations, historic cities, world heritage sites, national parks, seaside resorts, mosques, castles and the hidden treasures of Turkey.

Discover the diversity of Turkey, and much, much more.

Istanbul Turkey Travel Guide.info – Your travel guide to Turkey. (more…)

Why to travel to Istanbul?

Often described as “the crossroads of Europe and Asia” Istanbul is lined as the trade route famous for its moving bazaars and imperial history, stretching back almost 1,500 years. Istanbul overview has it as a metropolis occupying fifteen million on both sides of the east west land bridge, divided singularly by twenty miles of the Bosphorus Strait.

Istanbul overview is a vast historic land for seafaring and indigenous trade, as the routes of the Black sea and Sea of Marmara; Mediterranean, meant for the quality of its routes, it was essentially guarded as a world trade hot spot since the byzantine era, protected by water on all three sides. (more…)

When to Go to Istanbul

It says that Istanbul is “hot” and not because of the weather. As an up and coming city location, Istanbul ‘when to go tips’ will surely allure holiday seekers deep inside its magnetic charms. With its happening restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs, along with the ottoman mosque trail to explore at will, Istanbul when to go is really a matter of convenience, as more and more visitors pick Istanbul as a first choice city destination. (more…)

Top attractions in Turkey

Turkey has been a favourite travel destination for families for some time now, with a wealth of culture, archaeological and natural sites to explore, there is always something to keep every member of the family entertained. With huge amounts of varying landscapes, making the most of your visit can be hard. In this article we will highlight 5 of the top attractions of this beautiful country. (more…)

Most Overrated Attractions in Venice

Venice is certainly a beautiful place. It has great architecture, great sceneries, various things to see… but nothing much to do that is at least worth the price and the stress. Indeed, Venice is pretty lovely, in a crumbling, wet and romantic way. However, it became more of a stereotypical tourist trap rather than an enchanting city. Venice is now a place where nothing new happens, and attractions basically remain the same. (more…)

Tips for the first time travelers to Turkey

If your impressions of Turkey are influenced by ‘Midnight Express’ then think again as Turkey is a stunningly scenic country to visit, rich with cultural history and home to two of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Turkish people are most welcoming and friendly, the food is excellent and the lilting calls of the Mosques provide another world experience. Beaches are excellent in Turkey. For first time travelers to Turkey here are some tips to prepare you.

Turkey can become incredibly hot in the summer and the beautiful long beaches of white sand can become as hot as hot coals you could fry eggs on, so don’t be tempted to run across the sands barefoot. (more…)

Ankara, Turkey

Ankara is one of the most rewarding destinations that the nation of Turkey is blessed with. Although the city is the capital of the country, Ankara has been a bit overshadowed by Istanbul. Most travelers do not appreciate Ankara as much as they do Istanbul. This is their loss entirely, as the city has enough sights and historical significance to keep even the most hardened critic happy. There are a great number of attractions related to history and culture. There are a number of top class locations. (more…)